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Do I need a covid test before my cruise?

Do I need a covid test before my cruise?
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Work out what covid tests you need for a cruise vacation

We’re hearing good news about falling covid rates the world over. But cruise liners need to maintain stricter infection control procedures for passenger safety. So when you prepare to embark on a cruise, you may need to get tested for covid before you board the liner.

Should I get a covid test before boarding my cruise liner?

To decide whether to get a pre-boarding covid test ahead of your cruise, first check your cruise line’s requirements. Most cruise lines will let you know whether they need you to get a covid test; but you can always ask your agent or cruise director.

As covid-testing requirements may change in response to infection rates at one or more of the ports-of-call on your cruise, we recommend you check the requirements from time to time during the run-up to embarkation.

This is information you might want when making a decision about covid testing for a cruise:

  • What covid test result will my cruise line accept?
  • How long before embarkation do I need to take the test?
  • What covid result certificates do I need for my cruise?

When you are planning your pre-travel covid tests, consider all the destinations you will be travelling to. That includes any places you might be visiting before or after your cruise; and if you are travelling abroad to join your cruise, you may have to show a negative covid status on arrival. If in any doubt about the covid tests you need for your whole trip, ask your travel agent. You can also check the Government of Canada’s Travel Advisories to learn more about the entry requirements for most destinations.

Can I get a covid test for my own peace of mind?

We can provide a covid-testing service to put your mind at rest about your infection status. Perhaps you want to be sure that you’re not bringing an active covid infection on to your cruise. Or perhaps you’ve recently returned from a cruise and want to make certain you are not going to infect loved ones. Make an appointment with us to get tested for covid at one of our city-centre travel health clinics.

Which covid test do I need for my vacation?

You might be wondering whether you need a PCR test for travel in Canada ahead of your cruising vacation. It’s best to confirm with your cruise line whether you’ll need to get a pre-travel covid test.

If you want to take a covid test for your own peace of mind, we can also help. And we can administer a video-supervised rapid antigen covid test, too.

Covid vaccines and cruise vacations

Some cruise lines may insist that you show proof of vaccination before you can join your cruise. This will depend on the cruise company, and the destinations to be visited, though. We recommend you confirm with your cruise line whether you need to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 before embarkation.

People who live in Alberta who are not fully vaccinated can get a free covid vaccination at our clinics in Calgary and Edmonton on presentation of their Alberta Healthcare card. It’s quick and easy to make an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics for your covid vaccine.

How to stay healthy on a cruise holiday

The best thing you can do for your health ahead of a cruise vacation is to make an appointment with us six to eight weeks before your departure. At your travel health appointment we can give you advice tailored to your cruise that will help you to mitigate some of the common health risks that cruise travelers are exposed to.

Our travel healthcare professionals can help you work out an appropriate vaccination regime for your sea voyage, and provide advice on recovering from seasickness. We can also help with covid tests, too.