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Canadian Travel Clinics


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Canadian Travel Clinics – travel vaccinations and covid tests in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario


Canadian Travel Clinics owns and runs health centres that specialize in travel jabs and covid testing.

We offer pre-travel covid tests in the major cities of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. If you need to get shots for a trip abroad, make an appointment at one of our state-of-the-art travel health clinics in Toronto.

How to book an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics

Booking an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics is easy! Select your nearest city to book online or call tel: +1 888 672 0005. We like to be transparent about how much travel vaccines cost at our travel clinics, so do take a look at our prices page.

Whatever vaccines and covid testing you need for a holiday or business trip overseas, make an appointment at one of our local travel health clinics. We can help you with same-day travel health appointments and we can provide travel jabs last-minute.

We have travel clinics in Toronto in convenient downtown locations so you can get your travel vaccines and travel health appointments done quickly.

Will I need injections for my trip abroad?

At your appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics one of our travel health nurses will take a look at your travel plans and take some information about your health and lifestyle. This will help them create a tailored regime of vaccines and shots. This might include Stamaril to protect you against yellow fever or a course of Dukoral against cholera.

Do I need to get tested for covid-19 before my holiday?

Travellers who are not up to date with their covid vaccination will need to get tested for covid-19 before flying. Your airline will have more detailed instructions, or you can check with the authorities at your destination. The staff at our city travel health centres are trained in administering symptomless covid-19 tests, and our covid test service is tailored to meet the needs of travellers.

Wondering where to get malaria tablets in Toronto?

Do you need malaria prophylaxis for your holiday in the Caribbean? The nurse advisers at our travel health clinics in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario can help you to work out when to start and stop your malaria tablets. They will also give you tips on avoiding insect bites.


Travel jabs in Toronto

Canadian Travel Clinics provides a full range of travel vaccinations, including:

Use the links to learn more about how you can protect yourself from each of these common traveller’s diseases.


Why make an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics?

If you need travel shots, here’s why you should come to us:


Our travel health advisers are experienced healthcare professionals

Canadian Travel Clinics’ nurses specialize in keeping travellers safe and have the knowledge and experience to give you the best possible advice and the skills to administer all your shots. They can anticipate your needs, whether you are travelling to visit family and friends, for business or for a holiday.

We can help with last-minute travel jabs in Toronto

Whether you are responding to an emergency or taking advantage of a time-limited deal, Canadian Travel Clinics can help with your last-minute travel jabs in Toronto. We can provide an accelerated schedule for some vaccines, or we can provide advice on minimizing risk. Make a same-day appointment and tick travel vax off your to-do list.

Convenient locations

Our travel clinics are conveniently located in major cities across Canada. We have chosen accessible downtown and city locations for our travel health centres. We can provide travel health advice and vaccines in Toronto, and other travel health services in Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Late and early travel vaccination appointments

Canadian Travel Clinics has appointments at the start and end of the working day so that you don’t have to be out-of-office for very long. In some cases same-day travel vaccinations may be available.


Our travel advice appointments are longer

We like to give our expert travel health advisers plenty of time to ensure you get the best possible advice. This is why Canadian Travel Clinics offers 30-minute appointment slots. If you have a complex trip planned (more than three destinations) or if you know you have complex health needs, ask for a back-to-back appointment.

Canadian Travel Clinics has an online booking system

Our booking system allows you to make a travel vaccination appointment at any time and without speaking to anyone. Choose your location to get started. Or you can make an appointment by phone if you prefer!

Best value for money

Our professional travel healthcare advisers can work out a regime for you that represents excellent value for money. Our prices are competitive, and we may also be able to recommend a booster to ensure you are protected for longer.


What travel vaccinations does Canadian Travel Clinics provide?

For travel vaccines in Toronto, make an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics. Our travel health centres provide a full range of vaccination and advice services, including support for anti-malarial regimes.



The bacterial infection cholera causes vomiting and diarrhea, which can result in dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. There is an oral vaccine, Dukoral, taken in tablet form that protects against cholera for two years. Read more about vaccination against cholera.


Hepatitis A

Travellers can contract hepatitis A through contaminated food and water. It causes inflammation of the liver. Canadian Travel Clinics can administer a course of hep A vaccine shots that will give 25 years of protection.


Japanese encephalitis

Anyone travelling to Southeast Asia should ask whether they are at risk from Japanese encephalitis (JE) and, if so, take steps to avoid this mosquito-borne illness. JE is a viral disease that can leave patients with neurological damage. The Japanese encephalitis vaccine provides a good degree of protection, and needs to be supported by mosquito avoidance.



An untreated rabies infection results in death. Getting vaccinated against rabies gives you vital extra time to obtain medical help following a bite from an infected animal. The rabies vaccine will be recommended to travellers going to a country where rabies is endemic who plan to visit remote areas or work with animals.



Typhoid, a contagious and sometimes fatal food-borne infection, is the result of Salmonella bacteria growing in the intestines and in the blood. The typhoid shot is recommended for travellers going to parts of the world with poor sanitation. Canadian Travel Clinics can offer typhoid vaccination as a shot or an oral vaccine. It is also available in combination with the vaccine for hepatitis A, which can represent good value for money for some travellers.


Diphtheria, tetanus and polio

A single shot of Revaxis will boost your body’s defences against diphtheria, tetanus and polio, three dangerous diseases. You may already be protected under the Canadian vaccine schedule – but a booster may be needed every decade or so. See Canadian Travel Clinics’ vaccine pages for more information about diphtheria, tetanus and polio.


Hepatitis B

The viral liver disease hepatitis B is a risk for certain travellers. A course of the vaccine provides long-term protection from hepatitis B.


Meningococcal meningitis

About 5-10% of meningococcal meningitis patients die, often within 48 hours. It affects the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. The meningococcal meningitis vaccine is given in one shot and confers immunity for five years.


Tick-borne encephalitis

If you will be engaging in outdoor activities in Scandinavia, northern Asia and Eastern Europe, the nurse advisers at Canadian Travel Clinics may recommend a shot against tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). This viral illness can leave patients with permanent neurological damage.


Yellow fever

A shot of the vaccine Stamaril can protect against yellow fever for life. Along with your shot you will get an international certificate of yellow fever vaccination. Keep this card safe as you will need it to enter some countries. Talk to your travel health adviser to find out whether this applies to your itinerary before you leave Alberta.


How to book an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics

Booking an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics is easy! Book online right now or call tel: +1 888 672 0005. We like to be transparent about how much travel vaccines cost at our Alberta travel clinics, so do take a look at our prices page.