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Fit to Fly Antigen (Lateral Flow) Test


Video Supervised Covid 19 home based Antigen testing for:

  • Your outward journey from Canada - Canada Outbound (Several countries are accepting video supervised Covid Antigen test as an entry requirement)
  • To attend meetings and events.
  • To board cruises.

WITH our supervised RAPID ANTIGEN TEST – you can perform your COVID travel test from the comfort of your home and receive your travel certificate by email IN FEW HOURS.


How it Works


If the destination country for your outbound flight from Canada, as well as the event (congress, meeting, talks, workshop, etc) accepts Antigen test, then you can purchase your test and use our services for your journey.

Order your kit online and we will ship your kit the next business day to the address provided.

  • Check the time slot per your destination country/event requirements and book a video appointment (link provided within purchase confirmation email) within the time slots as per your destination requirements (Usually 24 to 48 hours before departing flight but may vary for your destination country.
  • During the Video call our trained healthcare advisor will guide you through the test. No software is needed to join the video call. You can use any smartphone or computer device that supports video.
  • Submit your results which will then be verified by our team, and you will receive the results certificate within few hours. You can use this certificate for your return flight to Canada.
  • Kit includes one test - you must take the test under the supervision of our Health Advisor.

More Information on our Canada inbound and outbound pre-departure Antigen Test:

Antigen (Lateral Flow) Covid testing is quicker, easier, and cheaper alternative to PCR testing. Canadian Travel clinics offer pre-departure fit to fly Antigen tests with Travel Certificate for outbound travel from Canada as well as for inbound travel back to Canada. Several countries are accepting Antigen test to allow entry to travelers including USA, Canada France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Jamaica and many more. A rapid Antigen test (For Travel & Non-Travel purposes) looks for specific antigen-based proteins of the virus through the samples collected from the nose or throat. The entire testing process is supervised by our trained tele health advisors. A simple nose or throat swab is collected from the individual is then mixed with the reagent liquid that comes with the test for around 30 seconds. After mixing it with the test liquid, a few drops of the liquid are applied to the antigen test device. Within 15 minutes, the test will indicate a positive or a negative result. The photo of the antigen test kit is then uploaded to our portal by our customers along with the copy of their passport, which are then verified by our team and a Fit to Fly COVID test certificate is issued which can be used for boarding your outbound flight from Canada or your inbound flight to Canada.

You can use a negative result from a rapid antigen test (RAT) to enter some (but not all) countries, for example, United States, Portugal and Italy. Your destination country will require a result from a COVID test taken within a certain timeframe before your outbound flight, usually 24-48 hours before departure. For COVID testing before outbound travel, check what the requirements are then book your video appointment using the link in purchase confirmation email.

Important Instructions for this Test:

  1. Confirm if the country you are visiting accepts Antigen (Lateral Flow Test) & order our video supervised home-based Antigen testing kit above.
  2. Once you have placed the order, you will receive the kit in the post usually in 3-4 business days (Expedited service). We recommend that you place the order at least 5 to 7 days before you planned departure date to allow sufficient time for test delivery. Canadian Travel Clinics will not refund any order once the kit has been shipped or if there are any delays with the delivery.
  3. Once you receive the test kit in the mail, book a video consultation using the link provided within your confirmation email and complete the test under the supervision of our trained tele health advisor by following the instructions provided with the test.
  4. Once you have concluded the video supervised Antigen test, please upload the picture of the test kit and your passport/travel document using the link provided within the order confirmation email. Picture of the used Antigen test kit must be placed on the picture page of your passport without blocking or covering information on the Photo page.

Once you upload the picture, our trained health Advisors will verify your result and send you a Travel Certificate within 2 to 6 hours.


Covid Testing Kit