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Can I travel outside Canada during the pandemic?

Can I travel outside Canada during the pandemic?
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Travel abroad is not forbidden, but the government advises strongly against it

The Public Health Agency of Canada is advising against all but essential travel outside Canada because of the covid-19 pandemic situation. But what does that mean for people who need to travel?

What is essential travel outside Canada?

It is left up to you to decide whether the trip abroad that you have planned is essential. But a trip to take care of urgent family or business commitments would fall into the ‘essential’ category.

What might happen if I travel abroad?

Governments around the world have imposed restrictions on movement within their borders, and also on people coming in from other countries. This could leave you unable to return easily to Canada. For example: a Canadian visiting a rural area may not be able to get to a major airport to catch an international flight because of internal travel restrictions. There may be fewer than usual flights to Canada, too, so it will be difficult to get a seat on a direct flight.

In some countries around the world the health service is under severe pressure so you may not be able to access healthcare if you do fall ill.

On your return to Canada, you may have to put yourself in quarantine or (if you have symptoms) isolate yourself, so make sure you can arrange this. You will also need to wear a mask or face covering on your arrival in Canada. To learn more, read the Government of Canada’s travel health notice, Pandemic COVID-19 all countries: avoid non-essential travel outside Canada.

Where can I get reliable information about the country I am travelling to?

In the run-up to your trip abroad during the pandemic, keep an eye on the Government of Canada’s travel advice and advisories pages. This will give you reliable information about the situation on the ground.

What precautions should I take when I am travelling abroad during the pandemic?

We strongly recommend getting travel health advice before you leave Canada.

The coronavirus that causes covid-19 is spread via respiratory droplets that spray out when you cough, sneeze, speak or breathe. You should take the usual precautions against respiratory diseases by deploying good respiratory etiquette, as described in our blogpost.

Many countries now restrict large gatherings, but if this is not the case at your destination, avoid crowded places.

Contact with sick people, particularly if they have symptoms of covid-19, puts you at increased risk of infection. So, think carefully about the decision to travel to care for sick relatives.

Frequent, thorough handwashing with soap and running water for at least twenty seconds will help protect you from infection.

You should take note of public health advice at your destination and follow it diligently. This is particularly the case if you fall ill. 

Can you get vaccinated against coronavirus?

Unfortunately, there is not yet a vaccine against covid-19, sorry. Scientists are working on it, but the shots will not be available for general use for a while. For more details about the vaccine development, see our recent blogpost, When will the covid-19 pandemic end?

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