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Which countries require travellers to get covid tests?

Which countries require travellers to get covid tests?
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What covid test should I get for my vacation?

Before you fly abroad for vacation or business it’s vital to check the entry requirements for your destination. If you don’t have the right test certificates for your journey, you may be held up or turned away at the border.

Where can I get reliable information about border requirements for my destination?

Countries can change their border requirements at very short notice, and so information about your trip can go out of date very quickly.

We recommend getting details of the requirements for border crossings from:

We will also do our best to advise you at your travel health appointment and can help you to work out a covid testing schedule that is right for your vacation. We recommend that you make a travel health appointment with us six to eight weeks before your departure so you can plan your travel health regime, including covid tests, in plenty of time.

Should I get tested for covid before boarding my cruise?

Many cruise lines are requiring passengers to show proof of a negative covid test result before boarding. Ask your cruise line or your travel agent to confirm requirements ahead of your cruise.

Where can I get tested for covid before my departure?

It can be hard to find a reliable last-minute covid testing service for travellers – but never fear: Canadian Travel Clinics is here to help.

Make an appointment for a same-day covid antigen test or a 24-hour results covid-19 PCR test at one of Canadian Travel Clinic’s testing centres.

We have plenty of appointments at our city-centre locations. We can get you your covid test results certificate promptly, and we will send them straight to your phone or device so you can show them at the border or wherever it is required.

Where can I get a covid test for my return journey?

You don’t need to get tested for covid before your return to Canada, but you may want to do so for your own peace of mind. Or you may need to take a covid test before joining a cruise or attending a conference or event.

At some destinations there is limited access to a covid testing service, so we provide a video-supervised covid test. You purchase the kit in Canada and take it with you to your destination. You can book an appointment for a video-supervised covid test with us.

You can use your mobile phone or tablet for the covid test video call and if your result is negative, we’ll send a fit-to-fly covid test certificate straight to your device.

Where can I get vaccinated against covid-19 for my trip abroad?

The branches of Canadian Travel Clinics in Calgary and Edmonton can provide a covid shot to Alberta residents free of charge.

How do I make an appointment for a traveller’s covid test with Canadian Travel Clinics?

To get an appointment for covid testing ahead of your cruise or flight, visit our clinics page and select your nearest city. We have appointments at the start and the end of the working day for your convenience.