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Get a covid test for travel to China

Get a covid test for travel to China
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How to work out a travel health regime for a trip to China

As China lifts its covid restrictions you may be considering going there for business or a vacation. But do you know what covid tests you need before you go to China?

The Public Health Agency of Canada warns that covid is still very much happening – including in China – and advises that everyone take precautions to protect their health while travelling.

Canadian Travel Clinics is ideally placed to help you work out what covid tests to get for your trip to China. Make a travel health appointment with us six to eight weeks before you departure to learn what tests and vaccinations you’ll need.

Do I need a covid test to enter China?

You will need to show proof of a negative PCR test to enter China. At every stage of planning your trip to China, it’s important that you check entry requirements. This is because the border requirements for China may change at very short notice. You should monitor The Government of Canada’s travel advisories for China. You can also get reliable information about your trip to China from your travel agent or airline.

Where can I get a covid test for my trip to China?

Canadian Travel Clinics local covid-19 antigen testing service is ideal if you are going to China for business, studying or leisure. It is quick and easy to get an appointment for a pre-travel PCR covid test at Canadian Travel Clinics. Choose the city nearest you and find a convenient clinic in a city-centre location. We have covid testing appointments early and late in the day so there is no need to disrupt your working day to get tested for covid ahead of your trip to China. You can get the results of your PCR covid test by 5pm the next day. We will email you a certificate of negative covid test results that you can use to board your flight to China.

Is it safe to go to China?

China is seeing an increased number of covid cases as it lifts its restrictions. So if you go to China, you are more likely to be exposed to the covid virus.

People who are not fully vaccinated against covid are still advised to avoid non-essential travel. ‘Fully vaccinated’ means that you have completed your covid vaccine series at least 14 days before travel.

The Chinese government may suddenly impose restrictions on movements of local people and travellers, which could affect your visit. For example, you may find entry and exit controls are placed on the town or city where you are staying. Or the Chinese government may require you to take part in mass testing.

Do I need to get tested before my return to Canada from China?

All travellers aged two years or older coming to Canada from China need to show a negative covid-19 test result that was taken no more than two days before their departure to get on the plane. The test can be an antigen test taken using a telehealth service, like our video-supervised fit-to-fly test. We recommend that you buy a kit for each person in your group while you are still in Canada and take it in your luggage. You can then take your test prior to your departure from China in the comfort of your accommodation. This will save you the worry and trouble of finding a testing centre in China.

Get ready to travel to China with Canadian Travel Clinics

As well as pre-travel covid testing, we can also advise on the vaccines for your trip to China. Make an appointment six to eight weeks before your departure to get full advice on protecting your health during a vacation or business trip in China.