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The best destinations for a vacation in the snow

The best destinations for a vacation in the snow
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Explore some of the world’s best winter destinations and be inspired

Vacations in colder climates let you experience winter’s frosty beauty firsthand.

Dressed warmly for the conditions you can discover everything a wintery landscape, whether it’s mountains, glaciers or frozen lakes, has to offer. And once you’ve had your fill of frost and Northern Lights, snuggle up indoors, since no one does coziness like those who are accustomed to the cold.

Skiing vacations are a recognized option if you enjoy the cold. But there are so many other adventures for people who love the cold. Think luxury cruises, wilderness adventures, and even city breaks.

Marvel at the Northern Lights on a Lapland vacation

What could be more enchanting than a trip to the northernmost region of Finland, Lapland, to see the Northern Lights? European families bring their children for a magical visit to Santa’s workshop. But you could also stay in an ice hotel, ride on sleigh drawn by reindeer or try your hand at husky sledding. And then, if the conditions are just right, you may be fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights.

Explore the Christmas markets in Europe.

Christmas markets are a long-standing tradition in Northern Europe. Book a trip to Germany, Scandinavia, Czechia, Austria, or Hungary for a bit of Christmas shopping. At these markets, you may browse for handcrafted gifts, and sample regional delicacies like gluhwein, stollen, and lebkuchen. Christmas markets also feature entertainments and live music.

Alaskan cruise

Alaska is renowned for its breathtaking landscape and hardscrabble lifestyle. However, perhaps roughing it isn’t your style. Never fear: there is a way to travel Alaska in luxury. Taking an Alaskan cruise, where you can wake up to views of breathtaking glaciers, with no need for camping.

Chinese city of ice

China’s Harbin is known as "Ice City" for its lengthy winters. In addition to skiing and other winter sports, it hosts a two-month annual snow and ice festival. View colossal ice sculptures and explore ice palaces, or try your hand at gliding along one of the city’s ice slides. The city is well set up for tourism, with several other attractions, including a tiger park and various museums and fascinating cultural cross-over with Russia.

Visit Patagonia in the winter

The wild territory of Patagonia lies to the south of Argentina, and it is South America’s southern frontier. Visit for the wilderness and dramatic mountainous terrain. The winter months (May to August in the summer hemisphere) in Patagonia are known for their bright skies and sparse visitors. Incredible sunsets and breathtaking autumnal colours can be found throughout the southern hemisphere’s fall (mid-March to mid-May).

What should I be aware of about winter travel health protection?

During a cold-weather vacation, you run less of a danger of contracting an insect-borne ailment such as malaria or Japanese encephalitis. But in colder temperatures, you’re more likely to contract infectious respiratory illnesses like meningococcal meningitis and measles. Therefore, before going on your winter vacation, you should still get travel health advice.

Make a travel health visit six to eight weeks before your trip so one of our travel health nurses can evaluate your risk of encountering measles, hepatitis A, or meningococcal meningitis.

You might also want to talk about how the colder weather affects any long-term conditions you have with your regular healthcare team.