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International travellers welcomed in Australia

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Should you get vaccinated against covid before you go to Australia?

The announcement that Australia has lifted some of the most stringent covid travel restrictions in the world is good news for the tourist industry, and for travellers keen to see this incredible country.

What are the covid-19 requirements for entering Australia?

The Australian Government announced in early July that the border is open. You don’t need proof of a negative covid test to enter Australia; and you don’t need to show proof of vaccination. Masks are still required on inbound international flights.

Note that countries may change their border requirements at short notice in response to the evolving covid-19 situation. For the most up-to-date details about Australia’s entry requirements, see the Australian Government’s International travel and covid-19 advisory.

Do I need to get tested for covid-19 before my trip to Australia?

Some airlines will want to see a negative covid-19 test before you can board the flight, and if you have a layover on your flight to Australia, or you are travelling on to another destination after your time in Australia, you will need to meet the entry requirements for that country.

It can be difficult to work out the testing requirements for your trip to Australia, and the requirements may change at short notice. If you have any questions or concerns about travel health and covid testing requirements for Australia, ask the travel health nurse at your appointment six to eight weeks before you travel. You should also check with your airline during your travel planning, and check the Australian Government’s International travel and covid-19 advisory.

You may also want to get tested for covid-19 before you travel or on your return for your own peace of mind. Canadian Travel Clinics can offer same-day covid-19 PCR testing at its branches across Canada.

Do I need to get vaccinated against covid-19 before I go to Australia?

You do not need to show proof of vaccination to enter Australia. But the Government of Canada is advising anyone who has not completed the covid-19 vaccination series against non-essential travel – which includes leisure travel.

Residents of Alberta who need another covid shot to complete their vaccination can get free shots at our Calgary travel health clinic or at our travel health centre in Edmonton.

Do I need a covid-19 test for my return to Canada after a trip to Australia?

If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need a covid test ahead of your return to Canada. If you need to test for covid before your inbound flight to Canada, we offer a video-supervised covid test. You can order the kit in Canada and bring it in your baggage to Australia. At the appropriate time before your return to Canada, you can take the test during a video call and we will send a fit-to-fly certificate within a few hours.

How long before my trip to Australia should I make a travel health appointment?

It’s a good idea to talk with a travel health nurse before every trip abroad. As well as recommending travel vaccines that provide protection against illnesses like hepatitis A and B, a travel health specialist can advise on sun safety, coping with a hot climate and avoiding insect-borne diseases. We recommend that you make an appointment six to eight weeks before your planned departure. But if you’re travelling to Australia at the last-minute or to deal with an emergency, make an appointment anyway, as we can still help.