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Should I get tested for covid before flying?

Should I get tested for covid before flying?
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Wondering if it is compulsory to get a covid test before your flight? Read on

As the travel restrictions put in place to keep us safe during the covid-19 pandemic are lifted, you may be wondering if you should get tested for covid-19 before your flight.

Over the last few years we have got used to the rules for covid-19 tests altering at short notice as the situation changes, so we strongly recommend that you keep a close eye on the testing requirements of your airline and of your destination country as you plan your trip.

To ensure you have the most up-to-date information about your journey, check the Government of Canada’s information and checklists for covid-19 travel.

Do I need a covid test to board a flight departing from Canada?

Fully vaccinated people do not need to get a covid test before they board a domestic or international flight departing from Canada.

But even if you are fully vaccinated against covid-19, you may want to get tested for peace of mind before your flight or on your return.

People who are not vaccinated will need to get a covid test before boarding a flight. They will have to show a negative result to board their flight. Unvaccinated travellers must also fill in an exemption request for passengers who cannot be vaccinated. This can be obtained from the airline carrying you and should be filled in at least three weeks before travel. You’ll need to get this vaccine exemption form from each of the airlines you’re travelling with if there is more than one.

Do I need to get tested for covid-19 before I return to Canada?

Fully vaccinated people no longer need to get tested before their return to Canada. Unvaccinated people do need to get a covid test before their return to Canada, however, and they will have to show a negative result before they board their flight.

Everyone will need to use ArriveCan to submit their information. Note that anyone not complying with this may need to quarantine and get tested. They might also be fined.

Where can I get a pre-flight covid-19 test?

Canadian Travel Clinics offers RT covid-19 PCR testing in convenient city-centre locations throughout Canada.

We can also offer a video-supervised test, which you can take in the comfort of your home or hotel room. You can use our video-supervised test for an outbound flight from Canada or for your return home (inbound) flight. Most people get the kits they need for their vacation or business trip sent to their address in Canada and then pack the covid testing kit for their return journey in their baggage.

How can I book a video-supervised covid-19 test?

When you buy a video-supervised covid-19 test from Canadian Travel Clinics we will send you an email with a link from which you can book your video appointment. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer on which you can make video calls. You will need to have your appointment and take your test at the specified time before your departure. We can supervise covid tests taken anywhere in the world, as long as you can make a video call.

You will get your covid-19 test result within two to four hours of your video consultation.