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Honeymoon health

Honeymoon health
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Don’t let ill health spoil what should be the trip of a lifetime.

1.       Get your shots

When choosing a destination for your honeymoon it’s important to look into any local health risks. Check the Government of Canada’s travel advisories for up-to-date news, and talk with the qualified travel health nurse at your appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics. You can be vaccinated against diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, cholera, typhoid and yellow fever, and you should make your travel health appointment between eight and six weeks before you travel.

2.       Be wary of the water

We all know it’s not wise to drink the tap water abroad but in certain areas it’s not just the drinking water you should be looking out for. Avoid ordering ice cubes in your drinks, make sure the bottled water you’re served in restaurants is sealed and limit your intake of raw vegetables and salad as they’ll have been rinsed in tap water. It pays to be cautious so brush your teeth using bottled water too.

3.       Get enough rest

Travel is stressful and throw jet lag and an irregular routine into the mix and you are going to end up tired. Be sure to get adequate rest each night. If you’re not a great sleeper at the best of times, consider bringing along helpful sleep aids like sleep masks, earplugs and lavender oil. Alcohol disrupts your sleep, too, so go easy on the champagne.

4.       Protect your skin

Whether it’s skiing in the Laurentians or hitting the beach in the Caribbean, most honeymooners will be exposed to the sun. To avoid sunburn, be sure to apply an adequate SPF lotion multiple times a day and wear a hat to protect the top of your head. If you’re travelling to a country where mosquitoes and other bugs may be a problem, make sure you take plenty of repellent. If a bite or sting goes bad, or you have an unusual reaction, seek medical help straight away.

5.       Avoid dehydration

Air travel is extremely dehydrating so make sure you drink plenty of water and herbal tea while flying. If you’re honeymooning somewhere hot watch out for the unpleasant effects of not enough water and too much heat. Drink lots of bottled water throughout the day and pace yourself when it comes to the piña coladas. Nobody wants to spend their precious honeymoon in bed with a hangover.

6.       Watch out for food poisoning

Some may think it’s just a matter of bad luck, but you can take precautions against food poisoning. Being aware of what you’re eating and how it was prepared is the first step. Eat freshly and thoroughly cooked food that is still piping hot and avoid food that has been kept warm. Be particularly careful with fish and shellfish. If you do get ill, drink lots of bottled water and take some rehydration salts. Seek medical help and remember to report food poisoning to your travel company and the hotel or restaurant itself.