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Can I return to Canada during the covid-19 pandemic?

Can I return to Canada during the covid-19 pandemic?
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What will happen when I come back to Canada from abroad?

The Government of Canada is still advising against non-essential travel outside Canada, but if you have been living abroad, or you had to travel for essential reasons you may be wondering what will happen when you arrive back in Canada.

Note that the pandemic situation is changing rapidly, and governments are responding swiftly so it’s best to check official sources before making decisions about travel. This includes federal as well as provincial and territorial public health authorities. For example, if you are flying into Edmonton, check the information at COVID-19 info for Albertans.

Can I travel by air during the pandemic?

Our blogpost What precautions should I take if I need to fly? has some details about flight safety at this time. In particular note that you must have a non-medical mask or face covering, or you will not be allowed to board your plane.

What will happen at the airport when I arrive in Canada?

You can expect changes to the processes for deplaning and baggage reclaim. For example, the baggage carousels may be adjusted to help with social distancing, and baggage might be spaced.

Check the website for your destination airport to see what measures are in place to keep you safe and to familiarize yourself with new routines. Note that there may be delays because of these emergency measures.

What should I do before I arrive in Canada?

Before you arrive in Canada you can use the ArriveCan mobile app, a paper form or the web form to provide basic information. The app may speed your arrival, and it will help the government monitor your quarantine compliance.

Will I be turned away from Canada if I am sick?

Canadians won’t be turned away if they are sick – but you shouldn’t travel if you are unwell. You may not be able to use public transport if you have covid-19 symptoms. You will need to isolate for fourteen days from the day you arrived in Canada.

Do I need to isolate when I return to Canada?

Travellers from abroad are required to isolate for fourteen days on returning to Canada, even if they have no symptoms.

Where should I isolate in Canada?

The place where you self-isolate should keep you apart from people aged over 65, and those with underlying medical conditions or compromised immune systems. You’ll need to go straight there and make arrangements for whatever food and medication that you need. If you can’t show that you’ve got a suitable quarantine place, you will be transferred to a facility.

What if I get covid-19 symptoms while in quarantine?

If you get covid-19 symptoms while you are under quarantine, you’ll need to stay isolated for fourteen days from when your symptoms first appeared.

Where can I get more information about returning to Canada?

For the latest updates, check The Government of Canada’s advice for returning travellers.

Where can I get travel health information in Edmonton?

If you need travel health advice in Edmonton, make an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics – our Downtown clinic is conveniently located, and it is quick and easy to book online.