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What vaccines do I need for a trip to China?

What vaccines do I need for a trip to China?
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The Government of Canada urges you to avoid all non-essential travel to China.

There is a travel health notice for China from the Government of Canada warning against all but essential travel to the region. This is because of an outbreak of novel (new) coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

China’s reputation as a manufacturing powerhouse, as well as its natural wonders draw in business travellers and tourists alike. The country is vast, only slightly smaller than Canada, but it takes in a greater variety of climates. In China you can experience subarctic conditions in the north and subtropical conditions in the south.

Should I get vaccinated before I go to China

You may well need some travel shots before you go to China. Because of China’s varied climates it is not possible to offer a one-size-fits-all vaccination program. The shots you need will depend on your travel plans and the activities you intend to do. You may also need particular shots if you are planning a longer stay. Make an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics six weeks before you travel to China to find out what shots you’ll need.  As well as travel shots like hepatitis A, rabies and Japanese encephalitis, you should make sure that you are up to date with the Canadian vaccine schedule, too.

Do I need malaria prophylaxis in China?

You will need malaria prophylaxis when you go to certain parts of China at certain times of year. Your travel health adviser will work out if this is necessary, and they will help you to decide what tablets are best for you. They can also calculate your schedule, so you know when to start and stop taking your malaria tablets during your trip to China.

Should I get a yellow fever certificate before I go to China?

There is no incidence of yellow fever in China. But if you have come from certain countries or had a stopover there on your way to China you will need a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. If you can’t produce one, you may be delayed. Tell your travel health adviser about your travel plans, including any layovers, to find out if you need a yellow fever certificate for your trip to China.

What health services are there in China?

Health facilities in China are good in cities, but less widely available in rural areas. You will have to pay for your care at time of service. So good travel insurance is a must when you go to China. Do not rely on your Canadian health insurance as it may not cover you in China.

What other health issues are there in China?

Parts of China are at altitude, so inform yourself about the effects of altitude sickness. There are incidences of insect-borne diseases in China, some of which cannot be prevented by vaccination. So, you should take steps to avoid insect bites during your stay in China.

In Whuhan City there has been a recent outbreak of a respiratory disease, pneumonia of unknown origin, which is believed to be caused by a coronavirus. The outbreak is associated with one market, but you should pay particular attention to good respiratory hygiene during your trip to China.

I’m looking for a travel clinic in Toronto

Look no further than Canadian Travel Clinics if you need travel vaccinations in Toronto. We can offer evening and early morning appointments for your convenience. Book online now for an appointment at our clinic in Etobicoke, Toronto.