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Where can I get reliable travel health advice?

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There is so much information freely available about travel health – but which sources are best?

The internet offers plenty of advice for travellers – both from official sources and from personal experience. When it comes to booking accommodation, transport and excursions, there is nothing quite like a customer testimonial. But when it comes to healthcare, it’s a different story.

Each traveller has their own unique needs, their own risk profile and their own itinerary. And every journey is different, too. The health situation at destinations changes all the time, too, so it’s important to get advice based on up-to-date information. This is why you can’t rely on generic travel health advice, and why we at Canadian Travel Clinics offer longer appointments to our clients.

So where can you get good travel health advice?

…From a travel health professional

Travel health nurses and pharmacists are trained to assess the risks travellers might find themselves exposed to and to advise on mitigating those risks. They can also give vaccinations against some diseases that will boost the body’s own immune system; and they can help work out schedules of malaria tablets.

But vaccinations and a good anti-malarial regime won’t protect you from every health risk, so your travel health nurse will give you some tips on avoiding insect bites; sun safety; sexual health; and accident prevention while travelling.

You should see a travel health nurse six to eight weeks before you travel – but even if you’re travelling sooner than that, come and see us: we can still help.

…From your regular healthcare professional

If you have an underlying health condition, you may wish to discuss your travels with your normal healthcare provider.

It can be helpful to see a travel health nurse first to get an idea of what risks and conditions you may be exposed to. And then take that list to show your usual healthcare professional. They can then tell you how factors like altitude, heat and cold will affect your condition.

They can also arrange for extra supplies of any meds or equipment that you need and help you to overcome any practical barriers such as medications that have a short shelf life or are temperature sensitive. For some destinations consider carrying a letter from your doctor explaining why you need your medications.

…From your provincial or state healthcare provider

Check your usual healthcare provider’s website to see what advice they offer to travellers. They may well have helpful fact sheet to support the information provided at your face-to-face appointment.

…From The Government of Canada

The Government of Canada is a trusted, reliable source of health advice. Its travel advisories provide information about health restrictions at your destination. It also offers a whole host of travel health and safety articles.

Still in need of travel health advice?

Canadian Travel Clinic’s library of travel health articles has plenty of general information to help you travel safely and healthily. But you should always get tailored advice from a travel health professional before you go.

I’m looking for a travel clinic in Calgary

Look no further than Canadian Travel Clinics if you need travel vaccinations in Calgary. We can offer evening and early morning appointments for your convenience. Book online now.