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Keep well when travelling for work

Keep well when travelling for work
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4 steps to protect your health when working overseas?

When you travel for work you need to be at the top of your game, so follow our advice and have a healthy trip, whatever your business.

1.       Get all the info before you go

Your employer may have some information about looking after your health at your destination. But for complete peace of mind, make an appointment with a travel health nurse. Unlike your employer, they will answer all your questions without judging. Canadian Travel Clinics has branches in city centre locations across Canada, so you don’t have to leave your desk for long. For example, our Toronto travel clinic is in the heart of Etobicoke. Make an appointment at the start or the end of the day so you can pop in on your way to or from work.

2.       Find out what vaccinations you need for a business trip

Each destination has its own risks, so you’ll need a tailored risk assessment from a healthcare professional to work out what shots you need. You can check our destination guides to get an indication of what health risks may be present in the region you will be travelling to. Your travel health nurse will take a full history from you and get some information about where you are going and what activities you have planned.

If you are visiting certain industrial sites, for example a remote work site or a farm, you will be exposed to different pathogens than if you are attending meetings in air-conditioned offices. So, it’s best to make a travel health appointment for every single trip.

3.       Bring a few healthcare supplies when you travel for work

If you take prescription drugs, you should bring an adequate supply for your entire trip. The Government of Canada, in its advice on travelling with medication, recommends bringing your prescriptions and packing your meds in their original containers.

We also recommend bringing a basic first aid kit and simple over-the-counter remedies for common ailments. That way you can quickly take care of yourself without having to search for a pharmacy in an unfamiliar country.

4.       Learn about food and water safety

You can pick up some unpleasant illnesses from contaminated food and water. So, it pays to be cautious about what you eat and drink. Opt for hot foods, freshly cooked. And find out what steps you need to take to make your drinking water safe. For example, can you trust the tap water, or is it better to look for filtered water. You should take local advice about this, as the situation can change very rapidly.

Where can I get more information about travelling for work?

For further information about looking after yourself when you travel for work, see our travel advice articles:

How do I make an appointment for travel vaccinations in Calgary?

Canadian Travel Clinics can offer same-day vaccinations at our travel clinic in Calgary. Make an appointment online right now.