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Catch-up vaccines

Catch-up vaccines
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The normal Canadian vaccine schedule will protect you from dangerous illnesses like tetanus, measles and rubella

Part of Canada’s public health policy includes an extensive program of vaccinations. Most people will have shots when they are babies, but the vaccination program continues throughout a person’s life. It includes booster shots, and vaccines to protect from disease risks linked to health conditions, employment and lifestyle.

It can be tricky to work out what diseases you might be exposed to, so it is worth getting help from a healthcare professional. At Canadian Travel Clinics our nurse advisers can help. Or you could talk with your normal healthcare provider or the occupational health department at your place of work.

What adult vaccinations do I need to keep me safe in Canada?

These are vaccine-preventable diseases that adults are routinely protected from in Canada:

  • diphtheria
  • hepatitis A and hepatitis B
  • human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • influenza (flu)
  • measles
  • meningococcal disease
  • mumps
  • pertussis (whooping cough)
  • pneumococcal disease
  • polio
  • rubella
  • shingles – or herpes zoster
  • tetanus
  • varicella (chicken pox).

The risks from some of these diseases increase as you get older – you probably know an older person who has had a bad case of shingles. And some of these diseases can have a devastating impact on an unborn child, for example, rubella. So, women who are pregnant or planning a family often have some shots, too.

Do I need a booster shot?

Some vaccinations need updating every so often. These include:

  • influenza (every year)
  • diphtheria and tetanus (every ten years).

There is more information about booster shots in this blogpost.

How do I know what shots I’ve had?

Each province has its own vaccine schedule. The Government of Canada has a handy vaccine schedule table that will tell you what shots your child will get. But it can be harder to work out what shots you’ve had if you’re an adult, particularly if you have moved around.

Check your own medical records to find out what vaccines you have had as schedules change according to the population’s needs. If your vaccine records are not available or incomplete, talk with your healthcare provider. They can help you work out what immunizations you will need for peace of mind, both at home and abroad.

Where do I get my catch-up vaccinations?

Many catch-up shots are available from Canadian Travel Clinics. Our vaccination centres are open early in the morning and in the evening and we have convenient city centre locations. Our nurse advisers have access to the best quality vaccines. And our appointments are slightly longer because we want to make sure we give you the best advice, as well as the best shots. That includes tips on aftercare. So if you need catch-up shots, make an appointment with your nearest branch of Canadian Travel Clinics today.

Where can I get travel vaccinations in Etobicoke?

If you need an appointment at a travel clinic in Etobicoke, turn to Canadian Travel Clinics. It is quick and easy to book online.