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What vaccines do I need for Egypt?

What vaccines do I need for Egypt?
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Make your appointments now for Egypt travel shots

It’s such a busy time of year and we don’t like to put another item on your to-do list… but we know that many of you are looking forward to a sunny break in February. Now, six weeks before you travel, is the perfect time to organize your health regime and a good time to make an appointment with a travel health advisor. We’re going to focus on Egypt because it’s a popular destination in February when the temperatures are slightly lower.

Which shots should I get when I go to Egypt?

Whether you are diving in the Red Sea or viewing the pyramids in Egypt or cruising on the Nile, you should ensure that your routine vaccines are up-to-date. These include MMR, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, chickenpox and flu. You may need a tetanus booster: talk to your travel health adviser about that.

Your travel health adviser will recommend that you get vaccinated against hepatitis A and typhoid, two unpleasant diseases which are spread by unsafe food and water. They cause traveller’s diarrhea, which could make your trip to Egypt memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Some travellers need protection from hepatitis B and from rabies. This will depend on your circumstances and the activities you have planned. Your travel health adviser will ask you lots of questions and you should answer these frankly so that they can accurately assess your risk of exposure.

Should I get a yellow fever certificate to go to Egypt?

There is no yellow fever risk in Egypt. But you may need a yellow fever certificate if you are going to another country before Egypt. Tell your travel health adviser about your plans at your appointment and they will help you decide whether you need to get vaccinated against yellow fever before you go to Egypt.

Do I need malaria prophylaxis in Egypt?

The risk of catching malaria in Egypt is small so your travel health adviser won’t recommend anti-malarials. But you should avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, of course!

How do I cope with Egypt’s desert climate?

Drinking plenty is key to enjoying your holiday in Egypt. The dry dusty air and the heat make it a challenge to stay hydrated – but you will find your trip much more comfortable if you focus on this. Drink plenty of safe fluids and be sure to replace your salts as needed. Read our desert travel advice article for more.

Where can I get travel vaccinations in Calgary?

If you need an appointment at a travel clinic in Calgary, turn to Canadian Travel Clinics. It is quick and easy to book online. Our friendly and knowledgeable travel health advisers will answer all your questions and help you to come up with a travel health regime that meets your needs.

Are there any other safety considerations for travel in Egypt?

The Government of Canada has issued travel advisories about Egypt and you should read these when you book your trip.

Finally, we at Canadian Travel Clinics would like to take this opportunity to wish you much joy in this festive season. And here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2019!