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Which covid test do I need to go to the US?

Which covid test do I need to go to the US?
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Check out the covid testing requirements for visiting the USA

When you cross the border into the US, there may be some checks that you’ll have to undergo. Do you know what the requirements are to enter the US?

Should I get a covid test before I go to the US?

Travelers going between the US and Canada do not need to get tested for covid.

Bear in mind that border requirements relating to covid tests may change at short notice. So, look out for any information sent to you by your travel agent or airline before you depart.

You won’t need to get a covid test for your return journey, either.

However, should you want to get tested for covid before you go to the USA or after your return, our covid testing service is ideal for travellers. We have plenty of appointments; it takes minutes to get tested, and we offer a same-day results covid testing service. Just make an appointment at your nearest clinic. Use our online booking system for your convenience to find a covid testing centre near you.

Should I get vaccinated against covid before I travel to the USA?

You won’t have to show a certificate of vaccination to cross the border into the US. But if you need a covid booster, we can help with that in some of our clinics. Residents of Alberta can get a covid vaccine for free if they present their Health Alberta card.

Where should I check the entry requirements for the USA?

Look to reliable, official sources for information about entry requirements. For example:

You can also ask the airline you are travelling with for confirmation about entry requirements.

Can I cross the border in the US if I’ve tested positive for covid?

Healthcare professionals recommend not travelling if you have tested positive for covid.

Do I need any vaccinations to visit the US?

If you are up to date with the Canadian vaccine schedule, you should be good to go. We can help with booster shots for any vaccines like MMR or tetanus that you may have missed. We can also offer a rabies vaccine service. This is particularly important for anyone who will be working with animals.

Do I need travel insurance to visit the US?

Your usual health insurance may not cover you when you visit the US. Check with your provider, and if necessary, obtain increased coverage before your departure. Travel health insurance will give you peace of mind while travelling, and will protect you from a hefty bill if you need medical evacuation back to Canada.

I’ve got more health questions about visiting the US

Every traveller can benefit from an appointment with a travel health adviser. We recommend you come in six to eight weeks before you depart. Our travel health pharmacists can tell you what health risks you are likely to encounter on your trip to the US. You can ask any questions you may have about reducing the chance that you’ll get sick from, for example, mosquito bites or a tick bite.