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Is a covid test needed to fly to Italy?

Is a covid test needed to fly to Italy?
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Covid entry requirements for Italy

Italy is a popular destination, whether you are travelling for the food, the art, the landscape or just to say that you’ve seen Rome, Naples and Tuscany. But are there any covid testing requirements for people going to Italy? And how do you find reliable information about what health certificates you need to go to Italy?

Should I get a covid test before I fly to Italy?

You do not need to get tested for covid to board your flight to Italy. You may, however, want to get tested for your own peace of mind, and we can help with that.

What covid test do I need before my return to Canada from Italy?

There is no requirement to get tested for covid before you come back to Canada.

Will I have to show proof of covid vaccination to enter Italy

You do not need to show proof that you’re up to date with your covid shots to enter Italy. But if you need to get a covid booster to maximize your protection, we can offer that for free to Alberta residents.

Where can I find out about the entry requirements for Italy?

At your travel health appointment six to eight weeks before departure to Italy, you can ask the travel health nurse or pharmacist to help you understand what health certificates you will you need to enter Italy. This includes any covid testing requirements.

You can also check the Government of Canada’s travel advisories for Italy to get up-to-the-minute information on testing and vaccination requirements, as well as information on any other healthcare concerns or security issues.

Your airline and travel agent may also have advice about entry requirements for Italy, and they should keep you posted ahead of your vacation or business trip. Business travellers can check in with their occupational health department, too.

At present, you do not need to show a negative covid-19 test to enter Italy – but entry requirements can change at short notice in response to changing situations, so it is worth making regular checks as you plan your trip abroad.

How do I check that I do not have an active covid infection before my flight to Italy?

You can get a covid test for your peace of mind either before you fly to Italy or after your return to Canada. It is better not to travel if you feel unwell.

Which covid test does Canadian Travel Clinics offer?

We offer a covid-19 antigen test with a travel certificate. We can give you your results within three to four hours.

Is it easy to get a travel covid test appointment?

We have plenty of covid testing appointments at our clinics, and our tests are suitable for travellers. Check our clinics page to make an appointment at your nearest branch of Canadian Travel Clinics.

What happens at a covid test appointment?

Most people are in and out of their covid test appointment within minutes. A healthcare professional will swab your nose to get a sample for testing. The test results are usually available within hours, and will be sent to you electronically.