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Does the United Kingdom have any covid testing requirements?

Does the United Kingdom have any covid testing requirements?
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Wondering if you’ll need to get a covid test ahead of your flight to the UK?

Whether your trip to the UK is for business or pleasure, it’s important to get the facts about border and entry requirements so that you don’t get held up.

UK covid testing requirements for arriving travellers

There are no covid-19 testing requirements for travellers entering the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), regardless of vaccination status. This has been the case since March 18, 2022.

But it’s worth noting that governments may change covid test requirements without notice. So keep an eye on border and entry requirements as you plan your trip to England. You can get reliable information about whether you need to get tested for covid ahead of your flight from the Government of Canada’s travel health advisories,the UK Government’s covid testing requirements for arriving travelers, your airline or travel agent

Do I need a covid test if I have a layover in the UK?

There is no covid test requirement for a traveller stopping off in the UK on their way to another destination.

Can I get a voluntary covid test before I go to the UK?

Our covid testing service is ideal for people who want to get a covid test for their own peace of mind. Just make a covid test appointment at one of our branches. Getting a covid antigen test before your flight to the UK will give you peace of mind that you will not infect your fellow passengers.

Is there covid in the UK?

There are cases of covid in the UK, just as there are in Canada. The Government of Canada recommends that you get up-to-date with your covid boosters before travelling to the UK. Alberta residents can get catch-up covid shots at our travel health clinics in Calgary and in Edmonton. Just show your Alberta Healthcare card. Covid shots are provided free of charge to Alberta residents.

What should I do if I get covid while travelling in the UK?

People with covid in the UK are advised to stay at home. Covid test kits are available in the UK from pharmacists and supermarkets. Or you can bring a covid test with you from Canada in case you need to test yourself. The Centers for Disease Control has advice for treating covid. Check with your insurer and your airline if you need to delay your flight home.

Can I get a covid test on my return to Canada from the UK?

You may wish to get tested for covid for your own peace of mind after a lengthy journey in a crowded airliner cabin. Our covid testing service is ideal for returning travellers – just make an appointment as normal at one of our travel clinics near you. A covid test appointment takes minutes (you can even get drive-thru covid testing in some places) and you can have your covid test results with three to four hours.

What other travel health precautions do I need to take for a trip to the UK?

Make a travel health appointment six to eight weeks ahead of your trip abroad to find out what shots and vaccines you might need.