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How can travellers prove they are vaccinated against covid?

A young man wondering how to prove his covid vaccination status
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Does vaccination status matter when travelling?

When arriving in some countries you may find yourself needing to prove your covid vaccination status at immigration. But what certification do you need for covid vaccination? And you may be wondering what you should do if you have not been vaccinated and you need to travel.

What covid vaccination certificates do I need for travel?

Fewer destinations are requiring proof of vaccination against covid-19 now. But wherever you are going, check ahead of travel what the entry requirements are for your trip. Here are some reliable sources of information about entry requirements for your destination:

Border requirements for covid testing and certification can change at short notice, so it’s best to check regularly in the run-up to your trip.

How do I get proof of covid vaccination?

The Government of Canada has information about obtaining proof of covid vaccination.

In Canada, your proof of vaccination takes the form of a digital file that you can keep on a mobile device. You can also print the QR code and keep your proof of covid vaccination on paper.

Where can I get catch-up covid vax?

Free covid vaccines are available to everyone in Canada. You can learn more about catch-up covid vaccines on the Government of Canada’s Vaccines for Covid-19 page.

In our Calgary and Edmonton travel health clinics, we can provide free covid shots and boosters as long as you can produce your Alberta Health card.

What should I do if I have not been fully vaccinated against covid-19?

Travellers who have not had a full course of covid vaccine may need to show a negative covid-19 test result when entering their destination country. The test will need to be taken within a specified window before departure.

You can book your pre-travel covid test with Canadian Travel Clinics. We are well set up to help travellers get tested for covid. A covid test can be done quickly, and many people are in and out in minutes. We will send your result to you within 24 hours, and you can use the certificate for travel.

Before booking your covid test appointment, check the entry requirements for your destination. This will tell you what type of test is suitable, and how long before travel the test needs to be taken.

We have plenty of appointments for travel covid tests, and our travel health clinics are in convenient city-centre locations. We have appointments at the start and end of the working day so you can pick a time for your pre-travel covid test that will not disrupt your working day.

Should I get a PCR test for US travel?

Many people like to get a travel covid test for peace of mind before or after a flight. If you are travelling to the US and want to get tested for covid before or after going on a plane, train or bus, make an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics.