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Do you need to wear a mask on a plane?

Do you need to wear a mask on a plane?
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Are face coverings mandatory for air travellers?

Masks are considered effective in the fight against covid-19 and other respiratory diseases and as a traveller you may be wondering whether or not you should mask up for your flight. And which mask is recommended for air travellers? You may also be wondering if it is normal for people to wear masks at your destination.

Which respiratory diseases are a risk for travellers?

Any bad respiratory infection can ruin your trip abroad. Some of them – including covid-19, seasonal flu, measles, pneumonia and diphtheria – are vaccine preventable. You can also get vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis, which is spread via respiratory droplets. At Canadian Travel Clinics, we will recommend these vaccines if they are suitable for you.

Respiratory illnesses are most common in the winter months, or in the dry season. Travellers who spend time in enclosed environments (including aircraft cabins) are most at risk from respiratory illness.

If you need a certificate of vaccination against meningitis, or if you want catch-up shots for covid, measles and diphtheria, make an appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics. Some of these vaccines are available for free – for example, residents of Alberta can get vaccinated against covid for free at our Calgary clinics.

Do people wear masks on planes and trains?

Some people choose to wear a mask while travelling. This is because respiratory diseases such as covid, flu and measles can spread rapidly in an enclosed environment.

Is it common to wear a mask at my destination?

In some regions, mask wearing indoors is the norm, and you may see people on public transport wearing face coverings. It’s common for masks to be mandatory in a healthcare setting, too. If you are not sure whether people will be wearing masks at your destination, consider bringing some with you to ensure you have a supply. Learn more about masks from the CDC.

How do I avoid respiratory illness while travelling?

You can reduce your exposure to the pathogens that cause respiratory diseases by wearing a mask, by washing your hands often and by not touching your face. You can also try to ventilate shared spaces, like train carriages, and try to avoid spending time in stuffy environments. Stay away from obviously sick people, too.

Should I wear a mask if I am travelling while I have covid?

The Government of Canada advises that you should not travel if you have covid.

Should I get tested for covid before my flight?

Getting tested for covid before and after travelling will give you peace of mind about whether or not you are an infection risk. You may also need to get tested if your destination requires it. It’s important to check the covid testing requirements in the run-up to your trip abroad. This is because covid testing requirements change rapidly and without notice as governments respond to infection levels.

We offer a same-day covid-19 testing service that is suitable for travellers at our travel clinics.

Make a travel health appointment with Canadian Travel Clinics today – we can help you work out which vaccines and covid tests you need for your trip abroad. We have plenty of appointments for travel vaccines and covid tests.