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Travellers and Pride celebrations

Travellers and Pride celebrations
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Our tips to keep 2SLGBTQI+ travellers healthy and happy

For a vibrant and exciting travel experience, many people choose to visit during a city’s pride celebrations. It’s the perfect way to see a city in completely different way, and to get involved with the LGBTQ community.

Where can I learn more about pride parades around the world?

Pride events tend to be held at the peak season, so whatever time of year you are travelling, it’s likely there will be a pride event somewhere in the world. The International LGBTQ Travel Association has a Pride event calendar, which you can browse for travel inspiration when planning your trip.

Volunteer-organized Pride events are deeply embedded in their communities and can be an authentic way to meet and support the local LGBTQ community at your destination.

What health risks might I be exposed to at a Pride event?

Any event that involves large crowds carries with it a risk of contracting an airborne infectious disease, such as covid-19 or meningococcal meningitis. Both of these are vaccine-preventable, and we can help, whether you need a booster or your first shot. You can also reduce your risk of exposure to respiratory diseases by using good cough and sneeze etiquette yourself. Avoid touching your face, and keep your hands as clean as possible using hand sanitizer or hand-washing facilities if available.

Sun safety is a concern at any outdoor event, particularly if you have travelled to a very hot destination for a Pride event. Make sure you’re familiar with the first aid for heat illness and that you have everything you need to protect your skin in the sun.

With festivals comes festival food, and all the risks associated with that! Get vaccinated against common food-borne illnesses such as hepatitis A, and get to know the principles of food safety for travellers. Make sure you have plenty of safe drinking water, too, as dancing and celebrating in the sun is thirsty work.

Where can I get travel advice tailored to lesbian and gay travellers?

The Government of Canada has an advice page for 2SLGBTQI+ travelers. This will help you navigate foreign laws and customs around gender identity and sexual orientation wherever you choose to go in the world.

Another reliable source of information for LGBT travellers is The International LGBTQ+ Travel Association. This has plenty of details about destinations and services.

When you come for your travel health appointment six to eight weeks before your departure, our travel health nurses and pharmacists can provide health advice tailored to your needs. Our travel health service is completely confidential, so you can feel safe being honest about your plans for your trip abroad. Safer sex advice for travellers is included in our service, and we can vaccinate you against the common sexually transmitted infections hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

Enjoy the Pride festivities

There’s a Pride festival to suit everyone, from Strasbourg to Sydney, Australia, you can find vibrant, authentic cultural activities. Once you’re confident that your health is protected, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the fun.