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Fit-for-travel covid testing during pregnancy

Fit-for-travel covid testing during pregnancy
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Do you have questions about getting tested for covid while pregnant? Read on for our answers

For pregnant travellers, safety and comfort come first. But some countries require travellers to show a negative result from a covid test taken within a certain time window before travel. Your trip may be delayed or cancelled if you do not comply with this requirement. So, it’s important to plan where you’re going to get your fit-to-fly covid test.

All the covid tests that Canadian Travel Clinics use are minimally invasive and safe.

How does a pre-travel COVID test work when you’re pregnant?

A medical practitioner will swab the inside of your nose and the back of your throat to get a sample. We send this sample to a lab for analysis. It is much more likely that your sample will yield an accurate result because a skilled healthcare worker took it. So, there is less chance that you will get a null result that is unacceptable by your airline.

Pregnancy is a busy period. But don’t worry: it takes minutes to complete a covid test at one of our city centre travel health clinics. You can expect your covid test to be done in ten minutes.

When will I receive my travel certificate and results of my covid test?

Usually, we can send you the results of your rapid antigen test a few hours later. The results from a PCR test come back within 24 hours.

Should I get a covid test for my international trip?

You may not need a covid test for your international trip. Not all airports and airlines require passengers to show proof of a negative covid test result. Having said that, governments react quickly to evolving circumstances. As a result, they might quickly impose regulations for tourists to submit to covid testing. So, as you prepare for your international trip, we strongly advise verifying the information you have about covid testing. Check with your travel agency, your airline, and the authorities at your destination to ensure your information about testing requirements is up to date.

Which covid test is best for expectant women who travel?

PCR testing and the rapid antigen test for COVID-19 are non-invasive. Both kinds of tests are permissible to use while pregnant. The criteria set out by the government at your destination and by your airline will determine the kind of test you need to have before travelling.

I need a same-day covid-19 PCR test before I travel

Contact us right away if you find out that you need a covid test. We often have same-day appointments for covid testing. Book over the phone or online.

Can I get more detailed advice about travelling while pregnant?

For tips on travelling safely while pregnant, we have a travel health advice article. Pregnant people can get specific advice on avoiding covid from The Centers for Disease Control.

Every traveller should schedule a travel health appointment six to eight weeks before departure, including people who are having a baby. Find out about same-day covid testing, as well as learning more about any immunizations and jabs that will keep you safe on your vacation. Canadian Travel Clinics has city-centre clinics across Canada. So why not schedule your travel health appointment right now?