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Getting a covid booster vaccine

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Is it time for your covid booster?

Did you know we can offer free covid boosters to residents of Alberta? If it’s been five months since your second dose, you can make an appointment for your covid booster.

Residents of Alberta aged five years and older can make an appointment at one of our travel health clinics for their covid booster. We have plentiful stocks of the Pfizer-BioNTech covid vaccine, which provides good protection against all strains of covid-19. All you need is your Health Alberta card.

Making an appointment for your covid booster

Ready for your covid booster injection? It’s so quick and easy to get an appointment at one of Canadian Travel Clinics’ covid vaccine centres in Alberta. Use these links to book your appointment:

Our online covid vaccine booking system makes getting a booster appointment in Alberta quick and easy.

Why do I need a covid booster?

The covid vaccine is usually given in two doses. As with many immunizations, the protection of the covid vaccines made by Pfizer, Moderna etc. will reduce over time. A booster dose given about three months after the second dose will extend your protection.

Which covid vaccine is available to Alberta residents?

We offer the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at our clinics in Calgary and Edmonton. You can have a booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine if your primary course was Moderna, Janssen or Novavax. Combining the vaccines will offer the same protection as if you have the same vaccine for the entire course and booster.

What will happen at my covid vaccine appointment?

Covid vaccination appointments take just ten minutes. Please arrive at our vaccination centres in Edmonton and Calgary close to your appointment time to minimize waiting around. We recommend wearing clothes that gives easy access to your upper arm. Our trained healthcare staff will confirm your identity and ask you a few questions to check the vaccine is suitable for you. Then they will administer the vaccine. You may be asked to wait a few minutes, but after that you are free to go.

Do I need to accompany my child to their vaccination appointment?

If you can, you should accompany a child under the age of 18 to their covid vaccination appointment. It is likely we will need you to give parental consent.

What side effects does the Pfizer covid vaccine have?

All covid vaccines have mild side effects that should pass in a few days. These include:

  • soreness and swelling at the needle site
  • tiredness
  • headache
  • fever and chills
  • aches
  • joint pain
  • swollen lymph nodes in your armpit or groin

Some people also get gut discomfort after a covid vaccine, including sickness to the stomach, vomiting or diarrhea.

Ask your pharmacist if you need medicine to manage any of these side effects, as there are some over-the-counter remedies that can help. A cool pack on the injection site can help with soreness.

My Health Alberta has some information about care after immunization.

Help with getting vaccinated if you are afraid of needles

Fear of needles in really common among Canadians. So don’t worry: we’ve seen it all before, and will do our best to make your vaccination appointment easier. Commitment to Comfort has some tips that will help during your covid immunization appointment. Here is our article about overcoming needle phobia. Don’t let fear of needles stop you from protecting your health!

Can Canadian Travel Clinics vaccinate my employees?

Business owners who would like to offer their employees on-site vaccination against covid-19 should email [email protected]

Where can I learn more about covid-19 vaccination?

Alberta Health Services has answers to frequently asked questions about covid-19 vaccines.