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Travellers who have recently recovered from covid

Travellers who have recently recovered from covid
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How do you prove you are covid negative after a recent infection?

According to the CDC, you are more likely to get a false positive on a test taken within three months of recovery from covid. So, it would seem that getting a fit-to-fly certificate after covid recovery might be difficult.

Travelling with evidence of a previous covid-19 infection

Many destinations will not require a negative covid-19 test result if you can show evidence of a recent previous covid-19 infection. For example, you may be able to travel with a signed, dated letter on official letterhead from a healthcare provider or public health official clearing you to travel. It should contain identifying details that match those on your passport.

When returning to Canada, use the free ArriveCan app to prove your status.

Can I travel with covid symptoms if they are lingering after the end of isolation?

Some covid symptoms (for example, cough and fatigue) last a long time. You may still have them after you are no longer infectious. So, you should be safe to travel even if you have a cough and feel tired all the time. Fever, though, could mean you are still infectious. If you have any concerns, check with your healthcare provider.

What are the entry requirements of my destination?

The Government of Canada’s Travel Advice and Advisories will help you work out what the entry requirements are for people recently recovered from covid-19. Entry requirements vary and may change at short notice. Check regularly in the run-up to your trip abroad.

You do not need to take a PCR test for your return to Canada. A lateral flow test result is acceptable. So, if you are having difficulty obtaining all the documentation you need to prove your recovery from covid-19, it may be quicker and easier to take a lateral flow test.

Post-recovery choose a lateral flow test

If you need to take a covid test for travel and have recently recovered from covid-19, opt for lateral flow test (sometimes called a rapid antigen test). It’s less sensitive than a PCR or LAMP test and less likely to return a false positive after recovery. We offer rapid antigen tests at our clinics.

Alternatively, why not take a video-supervised test in the privacy of your own home? And for your return journey, pack a test in your luggage and book a second appointment just before your return flight. That way, you won’t have to seek out a covid test centre at your destination, and you have the reassurance of getting tested by a Canadian healthcare organization.