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Organizing a video covid test for travel

Organizing a video covid test for travel
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It’s so easy to get an appointment for a remote supervised covid test

Once you’ve got your travel plans locked in, it’s time to organize your covid tests. It’s easy to get tested before departure from Canada, but what about your return journey? Do you know whether there are convenient, reliable testing facilities at your destination? Will your test be administered by a trained English-speaking healthcare professional? Are you making it harder for locals to get tested? Avoid all these concerns with a Canadian Travel Clinics remote supervised covid test.

What covid-19 test do I need for my journey?

Canadian Travel Clinics offers a video-supervised rapid results lateral flow test, also known as a rapid antigen test (RAT). This express covid test provides results very quickly, in under an hour. Not all destinations will accept a negative lateral flow test result for entry. Countries are also changing their entry requirements at very short notice. So, before you buy your covid test, please check that this test meets your needs.

Our observed lateral flow tests are suitable for travellers going out of and coming into Canada.

How do I buy a rapid antigen covid-19 test kit for travel?

To buy one of our covid test kits for a video-supervised appointment, follow this link, which will take you to our covid test kit shop. We will then send the covid testing kit straight to you.

It’s so easy to make your video covid test appointment with our booking system

As soon as we receive your order for an express covid test we will send you confirmation with instructions for making your video appointment.

Plan to take your pre-travel covid test within your destination’s specified window before departure. Check with the Government of Canada’s Travel Advice and Advisories to find out your destination’s requirements. Note that entry requirements are likely to change at short notice, so check them at every stage of your travel planning.

Our booking system will offer you a range of appointments so you can pick the time that best suits your needs.

Video-observed rapid antigen test checklist

You won’t need to download any software to take your test, but before your appointment make sure you have the following in place:

  • reliable internet connection
  • smart phone, tablet or laptop with video capabilities
  • handwashing facilities
  • clean, quiet place to take the test and wait for results

The results can take up to half an hour to develop, but once you’ve reported them we will get you your travel certificate within hours.

Covid test for travel out of Canada

Check your destination’s entry requirements before booking your video appointment. Then make a covid test appointment within the appropriate time window before your departure.

Covid-19 test for travelling to Canada

Our express covid test is suitable for your return to Canada. Make your appointment within 72 hours of your scheduled departure and pack the test kit in your bag.

What to expect during a video-observed covid test

During your video-supervised covid-19 test appointment a trained healthcare practitioner will talk you through the process. You will take a sample from your nose and/or throat. You will then process the sample and place it on the test strip. Your easy-to-read result will be available within half an hour.

What does the LFT kit contain?

A rapid antigen test kit contains:

  • sterile swab
  • buffer solution and a dropper
  • test strip

We will send you two tests. You can take the second test without supervision 24 to 36 hours later to confirm your result.

Buying your covid-19 video test from Canadian Travel Clinics will reduce your covid admin to a bare minimum.