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Steps to avoid omicron at the airport

Steps to avoid omicron at the airport
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Traveling by air but worried about what it’s like at the airport? We’ve got you covered

There have been some changes to the way air travel works under omicron and the pandemic. Here are some tips to help you plan your flight.

Do I need to a covid travel certificate to enter the airport?

You will probably need your covid travel certificate to board your flight. And at your destination, you may have to show a covid test certificate. When you get tested for covid-19 with Canadian Travel Clinics, we will send you your results and travel certificate by secure email so you’ll have them ready for your journey.

You will need to be fully vaccinated fifteen days prior to board your flight, too, if you’re over 12 years and four months of age. You’ll want to carry proof of vaccination, too.

To find out what entry requirements your destination has, ask your airline. For example, you may need to bring proof of a negative covid test result and certificate. You might also have to fill out online forms before your flight. And in some cases you could have to quarantine on arrival.

Arrive early at the airport

Confirm with your airline or carrier how long before your flight you need to check in. It can be three hours for international flights to give time for enhanced security and pre-travel checks. To avoid crowds at the check-in desk, you might be able to check in at home with an app and download your boarding pass.

Expect to wait around at the airport. If you have meds, ensure you have enough for a longer journey.

Is there covid testing at the airport?

For a stress-free journey, why not book an appointment at one of Canadian Travel Clinics’ convenient covid-19 testing clinics. We’ve got lots of testing slots, so you can pick one that bests fits your flight time. The trouble with getting tested for covid-19 at the airport is that an unforeseen queue could leave you unable to get tested in time to catch your flight.

Airports are cleaned more frequently during covid

Enhanced cleaning at airports helps to protect passengers and travelers. Protect yourself from covid at the airport by washing your hands often – particularly after touching a frequently-used surface like counters, kiosks and information tablets. You can use soap and water at a sink, or alcohol handrub.

What if I need an escort at the airport?

Visits to airports from people who are not traveling are discouraged. Some airports will only admit ticketed passengers. If you need special assistance, though, arrangements can be made. Contact the airport and your airline to learn more.

Masking up at the airport

All passengers and airport employees will be masked. But there are exceptions – those under the age of two, and people who have a medical condition that stops them from wearing a mask.

Federal law requires that you wear a face covering at all times in and on the airport. If you don’t comply, you might not be allowed to get on your flight. You might also be subject to criminal or civil penalties if you refuse to mask up at the airport and on your flight. The Government of Canada has some advice about masks that may be helpful. Also note that security might ask you to adjust your mask for identification purposes.

Get informed about your journey before you travel

When planning your air travel journey, check the website for your airport and for your airline. They will have specific information to help you know what to expect from your journey.

Air travel has changed a bit under covid – but plan ahead and you can have a stress-free, safe flight.