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Get tested for covid ahead of a flight

Get tested for covid ahead of a flight
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How to prepare for air travel during the pandemic

As soon as you book your tickets for air travel, you’ll need to start planning your covid-19 tests so you can comply with both your airline’s requirements and the entry requirements of the country you are visiting.

How do I find out what covid test certificate I need for my trip abroad?

Travelers should check the requirements of their destination frequently as they plan their trip. The best place to check what covid test you need before visiting a particular country is the Government of Canada’s Travel Advisories. This lists the latest information about covid travel restrictions in every territory in the world. You should know that governments respond at short notice as the situation on the ground changes, and restrictions may change suddenly. Travelers should also check the destination’s own government and embassy websites, too, as well as keeping an eye out for updates from the airline.

Get tested for covid before you leave Canada

When you fly out of Canada, in most cases you’ll have to have the negative result of a PCR test taken a particular time before departure. This time window varies, so it’s vital that you check carefully when booking your test.

There are few countries that will accept a negative result from a rapid antigen test (RAT), also known as a lateral flow test.

What covid test do I need to return to Canada?

Use the ArriveCan system to find out what you must do ahead of your return to Canada. In most cases you will need to book a PCR test no more than 72 hours before your scheduled flight. You will have to do this at your destination. Before travelling think carefully about how you will meet Canada’s entry requirements. If you do not comply, you may end up having to pay for quarantine.

Travelers coming from the US can book a test at one of the covid-19 testing centers run by our sister company, Global Travel Clinics.

Booking a covid PCR test for travel near me

Booking a covid test with Canadian Travel Clinics couldn’t be easier! Choose your region on our clinics page and we will help you find your nearest covid test clinic. We’ve got covid testing centers all over Canada, so there’s sure to be one near your home or work.

What happens at a covid test slot?

Your covid testing appointment will take just ten minutes. At Canadian Travel Clinics we have lots of PCR testing slots, so book the best time for your travel plans. A trained worked will swab your nose and throat and arrange for the sample to be tested.

When will I get my covid-19 test results?

In most cases Canadian Travel Clinics delivers PCR test results and travel certificate by secure email within 24 hours.

Travel in a time of covid-19 is a little more uncertain than we’re used to, but you can be sure of one thing: when you book a test with Canadian Travel Clinics, you’ll get prompt, reliable service from healthcare professionals you can trust.