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Calgary Travel Clinic Expanding Private Covid Testing

Calgary Travel Clinic Expanding Private Covid Testing
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Canadian Travel Clinics are expanding their Private Covid Testing to all major cities in Canada

Head quartered in Calgary, Canadian Travel Clinics is one of the leading names in the travel healthcare industry of Canada. The company’s successful expansion in providing Covid-19 RT-PCR testing is 100 percent patient focused and currently operates from 5 locations across Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg & Vancouver. Founded in 2016 by Usman Hashmi & Michele Fasolino, the company provides travel vaccinations and comprehensive Covid-19 RT-PCR Swab Test, Antigen test & Antibody Test solutions to travelers and businesses. Since its formation, Canadian Travel Clinics has established successful partnerships with well reputed healthcare companies including TELUS Health and now looking to capitalize on its existing and new industry relations to expand its Covid testing operations nationwide.

The company is also actively working to launch operations in Eastern Canada and expects to go LIVE in Ontario by June 01, 2021 with further expansion into other major town centres shortly afterwards.

“Canadian Travel Clinic strives to provide cost-effective services in the most expedient manner and our prices are being the lowest compared to what other people are charging for similar or even an inferior service. We are trying to make essential travel more affordable for public during these difficult times. Unfortunately, as a healthcare provider we are not able to recover GST on our purchases as most of the services we provide are exempt. We are requesting the Federal government to make the inputs for Covid testing such as, PPE, test-reagents and machinery to be exempt or Zero rated for GST purposes so that we are able to further bring the costs down for the public”
CEO, Usman Hashmi

At Canadian Travel clinics, we go above and beyond to accommodate our patients whether they are facing a family emergency and are needing to get on a flight last minute or if they are in desperate need to travel for a rushed business trip. We are proud to say that we can and will accommodate our patients in these uncertain times
Nurse Manager, Talia Toeg

"As a leading travel clinic in Canada, we understand things have changed nowadays, we try to advise as much as we can to our patients regarding the new covid-19 entry requirements depending upon their destination. We are committed to make everyone's trip possible!"
Operations Manager, Liseth Casanova